Creative DBT Resources for Clinicians

Get ready to:

  • Resonate with more clients!
  • Make your DBT groups more engaging!
  • Make virtual groups more interactive!
  • Reach participants with different learning styles!
  • Enhance client ability to understand and apply DBT skills!
  • Provide a variation on skills groups for participants who are on a 2nd or 3rd cycle!
  • Be part of a community of like minded professional peers to mastermind with

After interviewing DBT clinicians about how we can best serve you & your programs, we found that:

  • The majority want to learn creative and engaging ways to enhance your skills training experience -that you facilitate yourselves  (music based experiences designed even for non-musicians). 
  •  Some want us to co-lead skills groups with you, providing music therapy for your clients to support the lesson you are on. 
  •  Or to provide separate supplemental music therapy sessions for your program participants to strengthen what you are working on in your groups.

 So here’s what we created for you…

1.Ready-made materials

 for each DBT skill. 

2.FREE Webinar:  

3 ways to use music in DBT to enhance the skills training experience.

3.Music therapy services  

Research on using music therapy with DBT

Click on the book to get your copy.

Join the movement as we combine DBT Skills with music therapy

to support those we serve to build a life worth living!.

Introducing DBT Skills Mastery through Music!

…a brand new library of resources  that will enhance your services. 

Watch the video below for a taste of the creative and engaging material available to you.

  This is a summary of the mindfulness module via music.

How DBT Skills Mastery through Music Works


New material is released weekly… 

Get readymade materials, specially designed for each DBT skill, dripped out one skill at a time on Mondays, with extra time for implementation.



 Instantly Useable

 Clear & concise videos demonstrate songs, activities, and how to apply them to the skill of the week.  Download and print instructions, handouts, etc.


Make a Difference

Teach the material yourself or show our client videos directly to your DBT participants.  Watch the engagement levels and retention levels soar!


 You get original music therapy based materials and experiences designed specially for strengthening each DBT skill to add to your skills training experience. Everything is usable even if you are not musical.


What am I going to find on the inside?  


  • 1 year (renewable) membership
  • Music related interventions will be released weekly, with one skill focus per week 
  • Designed by qualified DBT informed board certified music therapists 
  • We show you how to facilitate each intervention so it’s easy to use even for a non-musician
  • Recordings and materials are 5-15 minutes long or less to easily fit your schedule  
  • Multiple learning styles considered- choose your preference of video, audio, handouts, and/or live zoom meetings.
  • Resource library -As it evolves new topics will be added, allowing you to be able to grab something on the topic of your choice, and  utilize it with your clients.
  • Price is locked in.  When membership fees go up in the future, you get to keep this low special price as long as you are a member.


What Our Members are Saying

 About DBT Skills Mastery through Music

Got Questions?  We Have Answers!


Can my DBT participants have access at home during the pandemic?

Absolutely! We have a separate client version for DBT participants!  This way they can use the videos and our lessons at home to reinforce what you are teaching them in your sessions.

How often do you add new material? 

We add new material once per week in the members portal.  We don’t want to overwhelm you with too much at once so we even give you time to catch your breath, and implement what you’ve learned so far.

Are you Certified?

We are a group of Board Certified Music Therapists who have completed Behavioral Tech’s DBT Skills Training Program, as well as an in-depth yearlong DBT informed Music Therapy program that includes 11 months of clinical supervision from a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified PsyD clinician.  We all have experience facilitating DBT informed music therapy groups, and are often found co-leading groups with psychologists, social workers, and other DBT skills group leaders.

Are we allowed to show the videos directly to the DBT participants? 

Of course! Our mission is to help you teach; so, you have our permission to show the videos to the DBT participants.


52 weeks of music therapy inspired interventions and an ever growing resource library

is valued at well over $1000

In 2021 we intend to sell this for $97/month.
Enjoy special pricing by joining now.

Join now

for only $33/month
(About $1/day!)

for 12 months.